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Hi. We are AI Boost Lithuania
an initiative to boost the
Lithuanian AI ecosystem.

We are a bridge between the Lithuanian AI community and the country’s and EU institutions, and society.

We provide consultations to businesses and startups who are developing AI solutions on technological, financial, marketing and legal aspects.

We provide various information regarding the Lithuanian AI ecosystem, the development of AI solutions in Lithuania and opportunities in this area.

We initiative various AI promotional activities, organize AI events and foster AI educational initiatives.

AI info centre

Who is who in the Lithuanian AI ecosystem? Who are the main players and decision makers? Everything about the AI in Lithuania can be found here.

Businesses and startups

What companies and startups are developing AI in Lithuania? In which technological areas of AI our startups are most active? Where do we apply our AI?

Research & Development

What AI research takes place in Lithuania? What research potential our scientific institutions have? In which areas of AI we are most experienced?

Financing opportunities

What kind of support can you get to make your AI ideas a reality in Lithuania? What are the requirements for support? Who can provide a consultation on financing?

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