What is AI BOOST conference?

AI BOOST is the biggest artificial intelligence conference in the Northern-Eastern Europe bringing together the global AI community. An extraordinary two-day event offers an interdisciplinary view of AI, looking at it from business, tech, science and user perspectives and stimulates thinking „out of the box“ when it comes to AI industry.

Thought-provoking keynotes & panels, valuable networking opportunities, exciting pitch battles, best known companies and AI experts – this is what AI BOOST is about.

What to expect in 2021?

AI BOOST is an interdisciplinary conference on artificial intelligence. In 2021 the conference will feature three major tracks – AI for business, AI for society and AI policy, as well as two sidetracks – Emerging AI and Deep AI. Each track will include keynotes and panel discussions to cover a wide range of the most pressing AI topics from various angles.

An interdisciplinary approach will suggest looking for ways for different actors of AI industry to cooperate and merge their efforts to get the most out of AI technology today.

We are boosting it on
September 29-30, 2021
in Vilnius!